Nant Distribution Company

NANT LLC was established in 2002. The main profile of our company is the import and distribution of food products to Azerbaijan. NANT LLC is the official distributor of leading manufacturing companies in Russia, Indonesia, South Korea, Greece, Ukraine. Our goal is to deliver our imported products to every point of sale in all regions of Azerbaijan. We have a strong sales and merchandising team for this.

About Our Partners



Babaevsky is a brand of dark chocolate that always preserves the connection between the traditional taste and generations, the subtlety of taste and classic style. Founded in 1804, the factory has been producing products for more than 200 years. Babaevski, one of the world's leading brands of dark chocolate, is imported to our country by NANT LLC. The brand has maintained its leadership in our country for many years.



«Кrasny Oktyabr» was founded by native German Theodore Ferdinand von Einem. In the early 20th century, the Einem factory won a chocolate competition in Europe, and its advertising was presented conspicuously in Moscow. After the October Revolution in 1917, the company was nationalized and continued



The history of the brand «ROT FRONT» dates back to 1826, when a caramel shop was opened in the oldest Moscow region of Zamoskvorechye. Today, a wide range of products is produced under the trademark «ROT FRONT» - caramel, halva, waffles, dragees and other flavors. «ROT FRONT» products, which are expanding their world of taste day by day, are brought to Azerbaijan by «NANT» LLC.



«Konti» is one of the largest confectioners in the world. The share of «Konti» in the total volume of confectionery products in Ukraine is 14%. The group's factories produce 17,000 tons a month. Ukraine shares its 11.000 tons. The company exports about 30% of its production each year. The official



Founded in 1999, «Lyubimy Kray» is the largest bakery in northwestern Russia which produces cookies and gingerbread. «Lyubimy Kray» is the leader of the Russian market for oatmeal snacks. The company's slogan reveals its main mission: Turn everyday life into a vacation. Unite tradition and innovation.



For the first time in history, the word of cappuccino comes from the monks named “Cappuccin”. The coffee is named because of the look of their clothing colors. Although cappuccino is similar to latte, espresso is a type of coffee. Cappuccino is the right choice for those looking for a flavor between



«Chipita» was founded in 1973 in Greece as a manufacturer and marketer of delicious snacks. At that time, our main products were extra cheese flavored snacks, which then followed by producing potato chips in 1988. In 1991, the company that produced the 7DAYS croissant became a success because it was long-lived, individually packaged baked snack. Shortly afterwards, 7DAYS mini croissants were introduced to the market. «Chipita» products, which have a special place in our country for many years, are brought to our country by «NANT» LLC



«TAKF» Confectionery Company has been producing confectionery since 1946. Since 2003, the factory has been a part of the United Confectioners Holding. The assortment portfolio includes sweets, caramel, pryanik and waffles. The slogan of «TAKF» Confectionery Company also informs about its mission:



The history of the «LOTTE» group of companies in South Korea began in 1967 with the establishment of the first large confectionery factory in South Korea «Lotte» Confectionery. The name of the company is associated with the name of the main character of Goethe's novel “The Sufferings of Young Werther” - Charlotte. Constant innovation, new product developments, marketing strategy, advanced logistics, allowed «Lotte» to remain at the top, contributing to the modernization and globalization of the Korean food industry. «LOTTE» products are represented in 70 countries around the world and are very popular among confectioners.